Patrick Shin Hawaii Info

Patrick Shin’s business Nan Inc is located on the island of Hawaii. Here’s some extra info about Nan Inc Hawaii and the owner.

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Important Info

  • Nan Inc is based on Honolulu, Hawaii in the year 1990.
  • Patrick Shin has done over 100 different projects on Oahu.
  • Nan Inc is part of the 10 biggest construction firms in Hawaii
  • Community is a big deal for us. We regularly do events with the Hawaiian Community

The Hawaiian Construction Industry: Outlook 2020

According to these sources, construction activity in Hawaii will continue at a healthy pace. in 2020 and over the next several years.

There’s construction work available for years to come. For example, there are large-scale public sector projects (such as rail transit) and also high-rise residential building projects on Oahu (such as various hotel projects). This will make sure that there are lots of projects for years to come.