Rail-Related Whistleblower Lawsuit with Nan Inc Owner

The CEO of Nan Inc has received false claims related to rail related whistleblower lawsuit. In this article you will find more info about this topic. A lot can be discussed here.

Nan Inc Owner Prevails in Rail-Related Lawsuit

After more than 2 years, the owner and CEO of Nan Inc won the lawsuit related to the rail road project. The whistleblower lawsuit was initiated by a firm’s former in-house counsel named Bosko Petricevic. Luckily there was no proof of illegal activity, and Nan Inc triumphed in this lawsuit case.

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More articles will be updated soon here. We are very glad this misunderstanding has been solved, and Nan Inc has been proven to work proper and legal on this project. Our main focus is always to benefit the Hawaiian community as best as we can, and this wasn’t any different with this project.

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